Nightmare Enterprises - The Holocaust Continues​.​.​.

from by Riot Ready Records

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The Holocaust Continues...

The holocaust continues as we speak winged creatures are de-feathered and de-beaked
The young are separated from their families
They live what lives they have as products in a factory until they're led in a prod-conducted train to the chamber where their kind is mercilessly slain to become the next link in the ever-growing chain to fulfill the order of the ever-hungry man

Cannibal Society

Come with me now I invite you to see the rich catered around the table in their luxuries stuffing themselves rancorously, their eyes glazed in the trance-like state of the feast
They scramble like vermin over the main course of the meal, a roasted dark-skinned body stamped with a corporate seal

Straight from the womb to the conveyor belt
Uniform glaze makes us suppress ourselves
Baked to a state of lethargy
Unable to rise, unable to flee

Labor consumes the not-so-priviledged man
He sizzles in the industrial frying pan
His joys are strained, the desolation rises
He's fed upon by the wealthy and their enterprises

Take the industrial hearse to the inner city
See the gobbled remains of life that used to be
Sprinkling the gutter like banana peels,
the walking devoured wander like ghosts of past meals

Where big chief sends the lessers to fight his war,
to climb the pyramid means stepping on those below
Where dancing around the fire means throwing others in,
there lies the society I live in



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