Born in Demise - Still I Rise feat Kaysey Guerrero

from by Riot Ready Records

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Still I Rise

I remember eating stale bread and greens
And ducking under the screens 
So we couldn't see the murder  scenes
In the background my momma playing Supremes 
Over speakers distracting us so we couldnt hear the gun shots
Or so she thought,
Everyday I wake up to another horror expecting the worst but thankful cuz we couldnt get no poorer praisin 
the hallelujah chorus
Stuck in God's forbidden forest
Under duress of a civil servant living through the storm
Yea He's my savior with a double edged sword
But cutting the chordll damage the body 
to honor
which it swore
So Can we get an intermission
For this submission
A penny and a pond so perhaps we can throw a wish in?

And though born in demise
Still I rise

And I will survive

What makes you mad?
The fact that I Am copper and bright
Is this what makes us demonstrate on site?
A spark ignites like a rod and a kite
Or is it the fact that u cant bring me down
I'm ten steps ahead of your attempts to decrown 
My effortless aura's making ppl turn around
And start marching to the beat of a new improved sound
Yea I will fight til my very last breath 
For the weak who can't 
And I'll still love u to death but look
There's no time for your selfishness 
The buildings crumbling around us as we sink to the pits 
I'm keeping up with just my wits
So dont think that this is just hit or miss
But youre an overseer so I'll give you this
It won't effect u but trust me it'll murder your kids

And while we die know that your whole life is a lie 
constructed by the very people pivoting their pawns for sacrifice

This is a call to arms to stand and fight for what's right
And though they point and laugh when they hear me cries
Still I rise 

You were never guna give it to me
Take all that you thought you knew  and promptly throw it away
We are rising from the depths of history

Hear us coming if youre forced to look away
call to arms for an attack
 but it'll be too late
We are slowly rising like tsunami
Lightening thunder

Through the storm through fire through thunder and light
Though my body is weak
I won't give in tonight

I'll wade the water

Feel the earth shake beneath me as I rise like the sea
Feel the roots of persecution rip away with trees

I'll wade the water



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