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Slicing and cutting,
your limbs off your body
Murder for money ,
greed runs in our veins
Our young loved ones,
had no chance to run
some kill for fun,
it's primeval rage
- - - - -
World disillusion
Global pollution
We are what we eat,
Poorly processed meat
Raped women, forced mothers
Fucked over each other
Don't dare call me brother
This world's congested with deceit

An urban jungle is where I'm located
we all wear disguises in Civilization
The weak get eaten as the strong stay on top
Hunter's sneak below the grass, it's an inside job

Abandoning their offspring,
in a vacant alley
To join a protest rally,
against abortion clinics
Fake smiles For all
As the small stand tall
You're a trustworthy snake
honesty you wish to mimic
- - - - -
Vanity in high supply
teens committing suicide
popularity on their mind
Beauty reigns over us
Ignorance preferred,
as our youth speaks in slurs
Our masters go unheard,
and our brains rot and rust

An urban jungle is what's been created
disguises become an obligation predator or prey, where do you stand?
Scavenger or Hunter? We are no longer man

Would you waste your money
or feed the hungry?
Gluttony for everybody, Tell me who's to blame?
Some die for colors
Others die For Lovers
Pride before shame, take cover and aim
- - - - - -
Trade in your fashion
Or die of starvation
this proud Nation's fueled by religious driven lies
Does your skin define you
you don't get to choose
racism and hate hide behind your eyes

We are no better than the cattle that we slaughter
All the chalk lines are drawn by corrupted swine
We're responsible for the poison in our food
we are sending this Earth to its immediate demise

The message is there, the message is so clear

We are more hazardous to this planet than the creatures at we fear

We're blood thirsty savages



all rights reserved


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