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This is a song
About a mall
Made of flesh
That wants to crawl
Into your room
And give you hugs
Kiss your lips
Swallow the bugs

Why must I be
Allowed to make this song
I should be locked away
And and given a gun
Remove myself from
This life
With a shot between the eyes

Flesh Mall
Flesh Mall
Let it crawl
Flesh Mall

What kind of girl
Would want to breed
Satan spawn
With the likes of me

I doubt anyone could
Look into these eyes
And see anything
But perverted lies

I cry at night into my sheets
That a mall made of flesh
Gets more coochie then me
But in the end I guess I win
Cause i wont get a single STD

Flesh Mall
Flesh Mall
It will crawl
Flesh Mall


I cant believe that you left me
On the floor after I was delivered
I guess that's the reason why im fucked up
And aroused by the sight of dying dogs

I want your cunt

Just the fact that I can get access
To a weapon should bring fear
To the hearts of the innocent
Far and near

When will you realize that I want to
Suck and fuck your naked feet
I live like a disgusting pig now
Almost dead out in the street

There is nothing that you can say
That will bring me back to the light
I am destined to go to hell
For everything I will do tonight

I want your cunt

I will get that cunt
If it is the last thing I do
I will suck upon your flesh
Make it like a tasty stew



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